What Games Do You Play?

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Setup: The game is for 2-10 players ages 7 and over. Every player starts with seven cards, and they are dealt face down. The rest of the cards are placed in a pile face down. Next to the pile a space should be designated for a discard pile. The top card should be placed in the discard pile, and the game begins!

Game Play: The first player is normally the player to the left of the dealer (you can also choose the youngest player) who views his/her cards and tries to match the card in the Discard pile.

The game continues until a player has one card left. The moment a player has just one card they must yell UNO. If they are caught by another player, the player must draw two new cards. Once a player has no cards remaining the game round is over, points are scored, and the game begins over again.


Valuable Valentine’s Day

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What is the meaning of Valentines Day? Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

Famous Poem:
Hero and Leander By Christopher Marlowe (1598)

It lies not in our power to love, or hate,
For will in us is over-rulde by fate.
When two are stript long ere the course begin,
We wish that one should lose, the other win.
And one especially doo we affect,
Of two gold Ingots like in each respect,
The reason no man knowes, let it suffise,
What we behold is censur’d by our eyes.
Where both deliberat, the love is slight,
Who ever lov’d, that lov’d not at first sight?

Commenting Tips

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There are many good reasons people should write post and or people should read the comments that people leave.


You get to see what people like about your post
You get comments on how to improve your posts
People can give you ideas on what to write

Some people leave rude comments
Don’t be one that person that hates on what people write, just focuses on the positive things of their post.

Reflection on 60 Sec Shakespeare Video Performance

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Our class and I read the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. We then had to do a 60 second reenactment of the act we were given. We had act 1 and in that act everyone’s character develops. The king is looking for someone to be with so he tells his servant to go to Lady Olivia’s house to express his love. She ends up saying no because she wants to mourn the death of her brother for 7 years. Then viola gets shipwrecked and the captain tells viola about the Duke. Viola thinks that it is a good idea to be the Duke’s servant so, she transforms into a guy. The Duke makes her his servant and sends her to Lady Olivia house for another try. Somehow Lady Olivia finds herself falling in love with Viola who she thinks is a guy. The important characters are Lady Olivia, Viola, and the Duke. The most important event in this act is when Olivia falls in love with Viola. This was difficult because the whole act had to be cut down time wise. My group did not communicate as well as I know they could have. Some positives were that we had some people who worked hard and actually practiced when told to do so. I think if everyone put in the same amount of effort. Our group we all had equal parts so everyone was supposed to do the same amount of work but you have to pick up for slackers. Cooperation and hard work is the fastest way to get done with what needs to be done. Even though I thought I could have gave a better performance but it wasn’t in my comfort zone.

First Impressions

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In our society, we put a great amount of energy into helping people form good first impressions, based on looks, feelings, and “stereotype”. You can be made to feel that if you blow a first impression, you’ll never regain footing. Our intelligence and ignorance defines how we judge people by impressions. If you don’t really know someone well, don’t treat them different than how you would want to be treated. We push people away or don’t give them a chance. Some people like to diverge from the “normal”, if there even is a normal. We should respect everyone, no matter what race, gender, skin color, or intelligence. First impressions can hurt. They can push you away from something amazing.

Job Shadowing

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My name is Tamari Campbell and I did my job shadowing at Dr. Efrain Flores Pediatrics on March 3 2015 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. During the time I spent there I had a great experience working and observing Dr. Efrain with the patient that came in. My job shadowing experience was beneficial because he showed and taught me a lot of things working with children from newborn to 17 year olds in a doctor’s office if I want to become a pediatrician.
When I first showed up I meet the secretaries that where in the front of the office and they told me what they did and how they must work as a team to make sure they are putting in the correct information for each patient. After meeting them I meet the pediatrician that works there which is Dr. Efrain I started to ask him questions about why he wanted to be a pediatrician and what helped him get through of all that schooling and not give up. He told me that if you actually put your heart and soul into your work and believe you can you achieve it then you’re already half way there. The other part is actually doing it you just have to say focused and you accomplish anything with that mindset. So, after him giving me a well needed pep talk he asked me why do I want to be a pediatrician. I told him that since I was little I already had my mind set on what I want to be and that was a pediatrician. I already had a passion of working with kids and on top of that I love taking care of sick people in general. And with doing more research on the career and with school I’ve made the decision that I want to be a pediatrician. After this experience it made me feel wonderful putting on the white coat and interacting with children that came for their check-ups.
Now that I’ve had my job shadowing experience I realize that I want to be a pediatrician. This job experience was real helpful because if I realized later on in life I didn’t want to be a pediatrician I would have wasted all my money and time. So, this really helped set my path straight on the rode I was going to become a pediatrician.

Tips for High School Students

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1. Try new things:

High school is a place where you can try new things and find new experiences. Don’t be afraid to try something new; join a sport, join a club; and just have fun with it.

2. Make new friends:

In a high school you meat people everyday. Make a new friend this can lead to a great bond with them and you can help them out. M

3. Try to keep your grades up:

I know many people don’t like school and they don’t pay attention to their grades; but in high school these grades matter. Colleges look at your grades to see if your a good student and if you are you can get accepted into a good one. Also, if you want to get a scholarship to help pay for your collage have good grades can give you an advantage.

4. Do not get in trouble.

If you do something wrong they send you to ISS or you will get suspend and that small thing will cause you to miss out on learning the new material that your were suppose to be learning in class.

Job Shadowing Reflection

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Hello my name is Tamari Campbell and I want to become a pediatrician. I’ve known since I was little what I want to do with my life. I use to love going to my doctor and seeing the different types of equipment that was in the examination room. To obtain the education requirements you need is a bachelor’s degree in biology, medicine or something in a related field. I want to peruse my bachelor’s degree in Pre-Medicine so I can have a general knowledge of all medicine. After that you will to take the MCAT test to actually get into medical school. Something also to keep in mind is that everyone doesn’t always pass the MCAT test the first time so you need something to fall back on. But, if you fortunate to pass the first time then you move on to medical school which will take 4 years to complete. After medical school you will have obtained your MD degree which is the Doctor of Medicine degree. Then you have to complete a 3 year residency at a hospital setting or a doctor’s office. Once the training has been completed, three Medical Licensing Certification exams must be passed, followed by the American Board of Pediatrics Certification Exam. This exam must be passed every seven years in order to retain certification and licensing.
o I believe after my presentation was done I was proud on myself because I didn’t have to use any of the flashcards I prepared and I also didn’t have to constantly look at the board to know what to say. There is only a few things I would change such as my stumbling om some of the word and working on cutting down my time since I went over the time requirements.
o Some of the things I saw when others were presenting was that they didn’t have a lot of words on their slides. So next when I present I would want to cut down on the words I use on my slides.
o Some of the things I would have done differently to change the outcome of my presentation is not to procrastinate about making the PowerPoint for the presentation and when doing that I could have had more visuals and maybe even a video. Also, I would have practiced presenting my Job Shadowing presentation to others instead of just winging it.
o I wish I would have took more time making the PowerPoint to go along with my presentation.
o If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t stumble over my words so much.
o The easiest part of the presentation process was explaining why I want to a pediatrician and what made realize this is I want to do with my life.
o The hardest part of the presentation process was when Mrs. Maslowski was telling me where I was time wise and I had to speed it up to not go over the time but I still ended up going way over time.
o Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I am very proud of my work even though I would have changed some of the things that happened during my presentation.

Influential Black Women: Maya Aneglou

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Maya_AngelouBorn on April 4, 1928, in St. Louis, Missouri, writer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou is known for her 1969 memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which made literary history as the first nonfiction best-seller by an African-American woman. In 1971, Angelou published the Pulitzer Prize-nominated poetry collection Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘Fore I Die. She later wrote the poem “On the Pulse of Morning”—one of her most famous works—which she recited at President Bill Clinton’s inauguration in 1993. Angelou received several honors throughout her career, including two NAACP Image Awards in the outstanding literary work category, in 2005 and 2009. She died on May 28, 2014.